Hands-free Digital Temperature Check and Facial Recognition Scanner.

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Protecting lives is the best way to protect our livelihoods. It’s up to us to stop the spread!

The great state of Georgia has rebounded from tragedy before.

Facing down our current challenges will require the same old grit, determination, and resiliency.

Plus, the embrace of the latest innovative technology.

Ensuring the safety of our customers, employees, and colleagues is key if we are to permanently restart the economy. Securing an affordable, safe, and accurate solution for health verification is an effective first step as we continue to combat this ongoing global health crisis.

Introducing the FaceScan Scanner

What Is FaceScan?

FaceScan is a safe and cost-effective two-part biometric thermal scanner:

  • Created to verify identities using facial recognition
  • Repurposed to instantly identify fevers, one of the early signs of Coronavirus infection
  • Designed to work with existing monitoring systems, for fast, efficient, hands free protection

Why choose FaceScan?

Savvy business owners recognize that the rules of public engagement have changed. With all the environmental, political, and health and safety concerns we face, change is the one constant we can all depend on.

Businesses that survive in our ‘new normal’ will be those who quickly secure resources that allow them to quickly adapt.

First developed in 1965, facial recognition technology is now a practical tool available for commercial use. This adaptable, automated no-contact system allows any sized business to:

  • temperature screen employees or customers
  • verify identity via facial recognition software
  • monitor the activity of large crowds with heat imaging

What does FaceScan do?

FaceScan has been designed to function as a hands-free, fully integrated safety and security system. Unlike the hand-held temperature scanners being used by many essential workers now, the FaceScan technology:

  • Has hands-free function, which provides a faster, less invasive method to screen employees and customers, and eliminates the need to have an employee conduct health screening
  • Can be housed and integrated into existing systems, a cost-effective option because it enhances – not replaces – your current security system

FaceScan features include:

Temperature Measurement

  • Accurate body temperature readings in real time.

Facial Recognition

  • 5% accuracy readings of the human face.

Employee Verification

  • Pre uploaded personnel records matched with verification.


  • No Contact Measurement
  • 2-foot radius of camera facial recognition ability.

Learning Algorithm

  • Machine learning to verify multiple faces at once.

NFC Reader

  • Keycard and QR code reader available.

Direct Connectivity

FaceScan hardware connects right into a turnstile, gate locking systems, and access points. Connections also available to internet devices and local machines

Distance Verification

FaceScan hardware can perform facial recognition and thermal imaging from up to 2 feet away. 99.5% accuracy for identity verification and possibility to verify crowds and multiple faces.

Who Can Use FaceScan?

This adaptable, hands-free technology can be used by every type and size of business. Recommended applications include:

Large Stadiums

Temperature screening of large crowds at events

Commercial Buildings

Employee verification and temperature checks

Schools, nursing homes, and other care facilities

Temperature screening of patrons and visitors protect vulnerable populations

Do your part to help flatten the curve and get everyone back to work.

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