Meet Safe Scan Fingerprinting

Hard-earned Experience Meets Innovative Technology


Decades of experience plus the latest fingerprinting innovations

Our Purpose

After more than 10 years providing fingerprint services for clients of Holliday Investigative Services, Safe Scan Fingerprinting, LLC was founded to provide the most efficient fingerprint experience in the state of Georgia.

Our Practice

We have successfully built our business through referrals, word-of-mouth recommendations and repeat customers because we are:

Committed. We are locally owned, founded and run by a woman of color who is committed to making a positive contribution to every member of our community.

Experienced. We are exclusively staffed by former law enforcement officers, each of whom has at least 30 years’ experience taking fingerprints. It is this level of experience that has earned us one of the lowest fingerprint rejection rates in the region.

Competitive. We have heavily invested in the latest innovations in fingerprint technology and procedures. Our portable Live Scan fingerprint machines and exclusive partnership with PrintScan, one of only 13 FBI Channelers in the country, gives us an exclusive ability to provide advanced fingerprinting services our competitors can’t match, including:

Unique Mobile Service Option

It's your choice!

We provide all of our fingerprint services in either our office or a location of your choice

Full-Service Fingerprinting Options

We provide both traditional ink and electronic fingerprint submissions

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