Processed via the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)

FDLE fingerprinting

FINRA Background Checks

Criminal history background checks for individuals and businesses

Fingerprints have been considered the gold standard for personal identification since the 19th century because they are:

  • Completely unique
  • Established at birth
  • Impossible to fake

They are so trusted, law enforcement officers submit fingerprints as evidence in criminal proceedings.

To consolidate their efforts, the FINRA maintains the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), the only consolidated database of fingerprints available for US citizens.

FINRA Background Checks – the most accurate option for criminal background checks.

Who is More Reliable?

The Applicant? Someone with information they would rather not disclose doesn’t need to lie to avoid detection. They can simply omit inconvenient facts like where they lived, aliases, or past convictions.

The Internet? Internet-based search options rely on algorithms, which can only find whatever disjointed, unedited, often outdated information is posted on the internet from various databases

The FINRA? FINRA Background Checks pull their information directly from the same source as law enforcement. AFIS, a consolidated database comprised of submissions from law enforcement jurisdictions throughout the country.

FINRA Background Checks

  • Are not cobbled together from multiple online public record databases.
  • Are not reliant on information volunteered by the person being investigated.
  • Are obtained from a source that is routinely upheld in our country’s highest courts.

How It Works:

  1. Our experienced Fingerprint Technicians capture your fingerprints electronically.
  2. Fingerprints are transmitted to our approved FBI Channeler.
  3. The Channeler uploads the transmission to the FBI for processing.
  4. Results can be available in as little as 48 hours and sent to your email or mailed using standard USPS mail, USPS Priority mail, or overnight delivery via FedEx or UPS.

Get the Answers You Need:

Access to this database is restricted to authorized officials. Due to our exclusive partnership with PrintScan, one of only 13 FBI Channelers in the US, we are authorized to process FBI Background Checks for individuals and business owners in need of accurate, complete, and current background information.

Supporting Services:

Mobile On-site fingerprinting: Allows us to bring a portable, state-of-the-art fingerprint lab directly to you, reducing the time required to have fingerprints taken from hours per person to mere minutes.

Fingerprint Archiving: Perfect for people with frequent fingerprinting needs. Fingerprints can be scanned accurately, archived securely, and retrieved conveniently printing session.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions.


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