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Ink Vs. Live Scan Mobile Fingerprinting

Potential applicants should be aware that there are mobile fingerprinting technicians out there that only do ink fingerprinting on FBI FD-258 fingerprint cards. Ink rolled fingerprinting takes time to perfect and if it is not rolled properly, it could be rejected. It could potentially take weeks to find out your prints were rejected and get scheduled to be reprinted, thus delaying the dream job and or license you were waiting for. Why take the risk? Additionally, having your fingers rolled in ink that has been exposed to as many as 100 or more people before you is unsanitary, and there is no way to sanitize ink pads that other people’s fingers have touched. Why get your hands dirty? During these challenging times, with the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, our individual health and safety is more important than ever, and with the latest technology in digital fingerprinting there is never a need to place your fingers in ink ever again.

Safe Scan Fingerprinting, LLC has the latest technology in fingerprinting with our state-of-the-art Live Scan machines. To protect each client who visits our offices, our technicians wear fresh gloves when fingerprinting each applicant and all equipment is sanitized after each appointment. During the fingerprinting process, hand lotion is applied to your fingers for quality prints and a trained technician will roll your fingers on the scanner where an impression of your prints is captured digitally, then printed in ink onto FD-258 fingerprint cards. Capturing prints digitally is so much cleaner and easier than ink rolled printing and the rejection rate is almost nonexistent. Customers are given hand sanitizer to clean up afterward, maintaining safe social distancing throughout the appointment accept where minimal contact is necessary. We also offer archiving services where a client’s fingerprints can be stored in our secure database for 1 year. Archiving of fingerprints is advantageous for applicants who need to be printed for licenses in different states, executives whose time is extremely valuable and can get printed one time as opposed to multiple times, and many others. We understand how important these measures are in today’s world, and it is our mission to provide reliable, quality service that is safe, fast, and efficient. Digital fingerprinting makes that possible!

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