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Give Customers a Reason to Walk Back Through Your Door

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Months after reopening their doors after the COVID19 shutdown, many small businesses continue to struggle.

Yes, most people are anxious to get back to business as usual. But if you are like many business owners, you likely understand that restarting the economy isn’t as simple as reopening your doors. You must also re-engage your customer base.

As any entrepreneur knows, regular customers tend to be creatures of habit. They want to do business with people they know, like and trust to meet their needs. Consistently providing an excellent customer experience is key to keeping your business running.

So what happens when you just can’t be there?

When the lockdown became necessary, customers’ needs didn’t go away. But their access to your goods and services did. As customers’ buying habits changed, business owners had to learn to adapt.

Taking a cue from the explosive growth of online businesses like Amazon, Door Dash, and Zoom, some local businesses were able to pivot successfully to an online business model.


Like many of our peers, Safe Scan Fingerprinting provides a hands-on service that can’t be provided online. So, we had to adjust our business model.

We invested in the latest fingerprint technology in order to provide the same high-level of service in the most safe, hygienic way possible.

We also formed an exclusive partnership with an FBI Channeler, gaining the ability to provide advanced fingerprint services our competitors can’t offer.

A Strategy That Works – For Us and For You

Our business has been growing steadily since we reopened in March. So much so that we are now certified to accept partnership applications from business owners nationally and internationally to operate our Live Scan Fingerprint Machines.

The Case for Live Scan Fingerprint Machine Partnerships

Fingerprinting services are an integral part of the battle to flatten the curve. Professional license boards for essential workers like doctors and nurses routinely require fingerprints to verify members’ identities.

Fingerprints are also required for thorough and comprehensive background checks. As hospitals ramped up staffing of essential workers nationwide, there was a corresponding need to vet and clear all the medical personnel moving in and out of State.

Live Scan Fingerprint Machines are an investment in the future

Fingerprints have been the gold standard for personal identification since the 19th century. Since fingerprints have long been proven to be completely unique, established at birth, and impossible to change, they will remain a definitive form of identification for the foreseeable future.

Having already observed changing health and safety standards and improved electronic fingerprint technology (EFT), we made a timely investment in state-of-the-art Live Scan fingerprint machines Technology perfect for meeting current consumer expectations because they are:

  • Hygienic – rather than rolling a customer’s fingertips onto ink pads that are impossible to clean, Live Scan technicians place freshly washed fingers onto a glass screen which is fully sanitized between uses
  • Accurate – electronic sensors immediately detect smudged or unreadable print captures, making rejected fingerprints a thing of the past
  • Fast – Submitting fingerprints electronically reduces processing time from weeks to mere hours
  • Efficient – Electronic fingerprints can also be securely stored in our Fingerprint Archiving system, for easy retrieval/submission for people with frequent fingerprint needs

New service can increase foot traffic.

Most experts agree that regaining pre-lockdown levels of consumer confidence and buying habits will take some time. As the slow death of shopping malls throughout the country can attest, once consumers become used to online shopping, it isn’t always easy to bring them back through the doors.

Providing goods and services that can’t be replicated online is essential if you want to pull in more foot traffic. Savvy business owners who recognize the benefit of this opportunity gain a safe, cost-effective way to provide their customers an additional, valuable service.

A Live Scan Partnership guarantees you will:

Get in on the ground floor of the future of fingerprinting. Governmental agencies and big corporations have been using electronic fingerprint technology for over a decade. Just as the PC forced the transition away from paper documents, increased accessibility to secure and affordable technology has led more agencies to embrace the speed, accuracy, and safety of EFT.

Instantly introduce advanced fingerprint options to your customers. Our Live Scan Fingerprint Technology captures fingerprints electronically for submission to specific agencies, fingerprint archiving, or fingerprint card printing. The innovative, portable design allows you to offer customers these services in a space as small as a standard-sized desk.

Quickly and easily expand your business model. Our Live Scan Fingerprint Partners are supplied with a Live Scan device and personal training on efficient fingerprinting techniques and the use of the software; enabling you to begin to electronically capture, store, and submit fingerprints to several agencies and departments almost immediately.

Secure an advantage on your competition. Partnering with us provides inclusion on the services covered by our exclusive contract with one of only 13 FBI Channelers in the country, allowing you exclusive authorization to offer your customers additional services such as fingerprinting for FDLE submissions, FBI Background Checks, and FINRA fingerprint renewals.

How It Works

An ideal candidate for this exciting opportunity must have:

  • an already existing business located in a strip mall, mall, business complex, or downtown setting
  • adequate setup within your business to receive customers, and adequate space for a laptop and scanner
  • ample parking available

And must be willing to:

  • process more than 50 transactions per month
  • agree to an initial site inspection. **The site must be approved before we can proceed
  • accept walk-ins and be open 8am – 5pm or 9am – 6pm, M-F, and a couple of hours on Saturday (if possible)
  • display Safe Scan Fingerprinting marketing collateral
  • process electronic submissions for FDLE, FINRA, and FBI Background Check transactions

Once we have a partnership agreement, Safe Scan Fingerprinting, LLC will provide:

  1. A hygienic and efficient state-of-the-art Live Scan fingerprint machine
  2. Personal training on the most efficient methods to capture and transmit fingerprints electronically, provided by former law enforcement officers with over 20 years of fingerprinting experience.
  3. Access to submit fingerprints to our FBI Channeler. This exclusive partnership immediately sets you apart from competitors by making it possible to submit prints directly to the:
  • FBI– the custodians of the Automated Fingerprint Information System (AFIS), the only consolidated database of fingerprints in the US, and the most reliable data for background checks available.
  • FDLE– as of 2013, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) only accepts authorized electronic submissions for Florida licenses.
  • FINRA- fingerprints can now be submitted electronically to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and results can be delivered to the broker-dealer through FINRA CRD

Interested? Click here to get started.

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