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Ink on Paper: How Fingerprinting Protects Your Businesses, Your Team, and Your Reputation

It’s a pain – finding the time for you and your entire team to get their fingerprints taken. It is not just time consuming, it can be hard work to simply get everyone to head to the police station to see a technician. At Holliday Investigations we bring the trained and experience fingerprint tech to you and cut your down time and get your employees back to work quickly.

Our on-site fingerprinting service isn’t just convenient; it is also here to protect you. We all know that employee fingerprinting ensures that those you hire are safe and upstanding members of your community, but did you know it can also keep them safe as well? As the digital age brings rise to identity theft, it is fingerprinting that helps keep you and your business safe. No matter what industry you are in these principles apply.

Fingerprints are also great for your own peace of mind. You can track down criminal records using mere fingerprints making sure you avoid hiring the wrong person. With our quick easy and inexpensive fingerprinting services, your piece of mind can come faster than you think.

While we specialize in the insurance, financial, medical, gaming, mortgage, banking, restaurant and automotive industries we cover all kinds of businesses big and small. Our trained and experienced fingerprint technicians can come to your office or place of business and fingerprint your team. We can even do holidays and rush delivery. This fast, effective method is proven and sends you back to work with confidence. So what are you waiting for? Keep your team safe along with your business and your good name. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

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